Our work method

A.    We consult.

We give you expert advice, as well as corporate and fiscal strategies, with the confidence that you are working with a respectable firm, committed to quality service.

B.    We execute.

We perform preventive and corrective work that benefits your company, adjusting to your budget.

C.    We accompany you

Can’t come to our office? Don’t worry. The Broker can go to your office to help you personally. That’s our bonus!

Featured services

Support for young entrepreneurs starting work projects.

We provide young entrepreneurs all the necessary tools to succeed in developing their company.

Support for small and medium enterprises in need of advice.

We know the importance of the solidity required by an SME. We provide it.

Meet Our services

Come with us and find solutions with experts

  • Ratification of signatures May 19, 2015

    Procedure in which the people involved in a contract externalize their will, confirming the legal act held in the presence of the Public Register of Property and Commerce (Public Broker) as an authority empowered by the Law
    ●    Certification of documents.
    ●    Matching of any document of a commercial nature.
    ●    Legalization and Apostille.
    ●    Apostille and legalization of documents that will take effect abroad.

  • Valuation May 19, 2015

    We prepare appraisals in any subject on any property, whether it be movable, tangible or intangible property such as trademarks and patents and appraisals, for fiscal purposes.

  • Commercial arbitration May 19, 2015

    Advise and arbitration services and any alternative means of dispute resolution. The Public Broker is an arbitrator on commercial matters through the ministry of law.

  • Notarization of facts May 19, 2015

    We provide a useful preparatory tool to carry out contentious legal procedures in the defence of rights, attesting to any fact that is considered commercial in nature.

  • Notifications May 19, 2015

    Payment requirements, inquiries and any notification of commercial nature.

  • Trademarks and Patents May 19, 2015

    Advice, registration and maintenance of intellectual and industrial property rights, contract negotiation of technology transfer, technical and licenced assistance and negotiating franchise agreements.

  • Incorporation May 04, 2015

    Constitution of all types of commercial companies, including subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies.

  • Corporate Services May 04, 2015

    Corporate restructuring, auditing, preparation and review of contracts, preparation of minutes of meetings of partners / shareholders. Creating entries in corporate daybooks (minutes of meetings, shareholder register, changes in capital and board meetings). Mergers, divisions and transformations of any society, issuing of shares, sale of shares and other types of specialized corporate operations.

  • Corporate governance May 04, 2015

    Strategies and consulting for decision-making of shareholders and government bodies of societies. Legal security to shareholders and investors in all types of companies, corporate strategies for family businesses, implementation of the Code of Best Corporate Practices.

  • Foreign Investment May 04, 2015

    Consulting for the establishment of branches and foreign companies in Mexico, investing partners/foreign shareholders in Mexican companies, formalities before the National Registry of Foreign Investment.

  • Agribusinesses May 04, 2015

    Advice and constitution of Societies of Rural Production, contract elaboration and financial advice for projects related to agricultural greenhouses, hydroponic farming and traditional agriculture.

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