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Our firm understands clearly that the present and future of the national economy lies in the hands of entrepreneurs’ and SMEs. That is why it is so important to support these sectors in all areas – especially in the legal area – since a company with a poor legal structure is very likely to fail. Therefore, our firm is focused on providing all necessary support in legal matters, providing high-quality service at a reduced cost in order to strengthen the businesses of new entrepreneurs and SMEs.


“Provide quality services to entrepreneurs, new businessmen and SMEs at reduced cost”


We are committed to excellence
Our customers are what matter the most and we are dedicated to serve their needs. We adapt to the needs of each client, customizing each service to them.

Faculties of Public Broker (Corredor Público)

Among the different functions of a Public Broker, are the following:
1.    Act as a mediating agent to transmit and exchange proposals between two or more parties and advise on the celebration or adjustment of any contract or agreement of a commercial nature;
2.    Serve as an expert appraiser to estimate, measure and value the goods, services, rights and obligations that are submitted for consideration by private appointment or by order of a competent authority;
3.    Legally advise traders (merchants) in their own commercial activities;
4.    Act as arbitrator, at the request of the parties in resolving disputes arising from acts, contracts or agreements of a commercial nature, as well as those that result between suppliers and consumers, according to the law of matter;
5.    To act as a notary public to state contracts, agreements, actions and deeds of a commercial nature, except in case of real estate; as well as in the issuance of bonds and other securities; in mortgages on ships, vessels and aircraft to be held before him, and the granting of Working Capital loans, according to the law of the matter;
6.    Act as notaries in the constitution, modification, merger, dissolution, liquidation and extinction of corporations and the other acts under the general law of corporations;
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